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21.12.2011 SYCOmed's multi-wavelength Coagulometer "coa:TRACER1"

SYCOmed’s NEW "coa:TRACER1" is a semi-automatic single channel coagulation analyzer with three selectable wavelength. This open system can perform Clotting, Chromogenic- and Immunological Assays.

Coagulometer >>coa:TRACER1<<
31.10.2011 SYCOmed will launch the new Coagulometer "coa:TRACER4" at MEDICA 2011

SYCOmed is pleased to announce the launch of a new 4-channel Coagulation Analyser "coa:TRACER4". Available as MACRO or MICRO versions as well as a fully open system for all clotting tests and reagents.

Coagulometer >>coa:TRACER4<<
16.11.2011 till 19.11.2011 MEDICA 2011 in Düsseldorf

We are going to participate in MEDICA 2011, which will be held from November 16-19, 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Come and meet SYCOmed at the MEDICA exhibition and learn more about our products. See our latest product news: The semi-automatic 4-channel ball coagulometer "coa:TRACER4".

For further information, please contact:

Medica 2011
01.04.2011 SYCOmed has launched "THELM:a", a new automated Thromboelastometer

THELM:a, a Hemostasis Analyzer, complete with a Windows-based software, is the only Thromboelastometer with automated positioning of the sample, zero autocalibration at every test and automatic sensor protection.

02.10.2010 MEDICA 2010 in Düsseldorf

MEDICA - World Forum of Medicine, 17 - 20 November 2010

If you are interested in our products and services, please make an appointment with us.

Contact us at:

Medica 2010
17.06.2010 Relaunch of the SYCOmed Web Presence

From today SYCOmed presents a new web presence. A clear, user-friendly structure provides the visitors with information related to the most important products and services.

In addition, the relaunch of our web presence includes an optimized navigation path and further services.

11.01.2010 Zafena develops an Pipette Auxiliary

The new pipette auxiliary provides further assistance for the SIMPLE SIMON INR measuring system.

The MIXXOCAP includes a capillary tube and the feature to mix the blood fast and homogeneously with the reagent by simply pushing.

02.11.2009 Simple Simon PT/INR gets networked

A really small-sized, comfortable PC system allowing to link one or several SIMPLE SIMON Readers.

Another feature is the option to connect a Barcode Reader.

Simple Simon PC
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